Journey B

 Your road to IMI TechSafeTM recognition.

IMI TechSafe Journey B


In just a few simple steps, you can become an IMI TechSafeTM recognised member of the IMI! And the good news is step one is already completed.

Next, press the button below to book your online entry test. You will be taken through an online checkout to grant you access to your online entry test with optional refresher learning content.

Once you have successfully completed your test, you will be granted access to your certificate, which you can print and display with pride or just add to your portfolio.

After all of the above is done and following validation, you will automatically become an IMI TechSafeTM recognised member within the IMI Professional Register.

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EV TechSafe™ recognition

Have you completed an IMI electric vehicle qualification? If so, take a look at the four journey's we have established for you to gain your IMI TechSafe™ recognition.

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