Case Study: Charlene Camilleri Spalding, AMIMI

Charlene Camilleri Spalding

I’m a 34 year old female working as a Mechanic/MOT tester in a family garage, I grew up in this industry taking after my dad. He encouraged me and I took part in banger racing from the age of 11. I always loved the automotive industry and how mechanisms work. It’s amazing how things come together to create a powerful machine to keep us moving.

I joined the IMI as they are so well known. I have no regrets. The IMI are very informative and thorough and offer great value for money for members. The IMI has many available resources and courses to learn from to get up to scratch with the latest technology.

The IMI help me greatly each year especially with reminding me to take my annual MOT assessment and training. The IMI have so many courses to learn from. I trust the IMI and feel proud to be part of it.

As a female working in a male dominated industry, it was a bit hard back when I started at 11 years old, but when you have the knowledge and experience it gets to a stage where its accepted and normal. I have gained many female customers as they have said they trust a woman in the industry because they feel that some males do not clearly explain the main issues to them. I have been an MOT tester for over 10 years now and with the help of IMI I can truly say I can’t wait to go for another 10 years and many more.