Case Study: Development

Online Training

I am Wayne Cooper, Programme Coordinator for the Automotive section at South Devon College. I have worked within education for the last 14 years, teaching full time and apprentice learners. Prior to this, I worked with the Vehicle Repair Industry for 20 years as a panel beater.

As a centre, when the country went into lockdown, we struggled to find solutions to the problems that this created. The IMI sent regular updates relating to not only the qualifications that we delivered but also information that we could pass on to our employers helping them through this troubling time. I was also in contact with my EQA to try and find solutions to problems that we were facing. Our EQA was very helpful and responded quickly to my requests offering guidance and advice.

The IMI offered help and support throughout lockdown. From technical support for our curriculum team to webinars, updates and free CPD activities for all to tap into and use to grow knowledge and skills.

Having worked in education for a number of years, this has been one of the most difficult times I have known. The IMI kept me updated with the latest information for both my centre and our employers on a regular basis. The level of support they offered was excellent and always responded quickly to my requests for help.