Case Study: Saiful Osman, AMIMI, iWorksBD, Bangladesh

Saiful Osman

I'm one of the owners of iWorksBD, from Dhaka, Bangladesh. I have been working in the automotive sector since 2015, working with JDM vehicles on a regular basis. I did my Undergraduate and Postgraduate degrees both in Business - Accounting and Finance, but I always had a dream to work in the Automobiles sector. In 2014 after getting married, I was jobless and was looking for something to start of my own. Later, I found an investor who was fully ready to support my dream project. In 2015, I started my Automobile Workshop with Zero work experience, Zero client base and Yes, the worst location ever for a service centre! I always believed in my vision to make this a reality. Alhamdulillah iWorksBD never had to look back and is performing very well commercially.

In 2018, I heard about the IMI from one of my regular client and then attended the Hybrid Training Workshop in Penang, Malaysia. I saw this as a turning point in my career, as I started working on Japanese Hybrid Vehicles regularly after that training, and it has given me the support I needed.

My experience in the sector has never left me questioning my route and goals. I'm very proud to have come in from a different sector and succeeded in the vehicle maintenance and repair industry.

After completing all three levels of the Hybrid Vehicle Training program in Penang Malaysia, I applied for membership of the IMI in 2018 and became an Associate Member. The IMI has continuously provided updates in the EV Automotive sector to keep me abreast of trends.

I can confidently say that the IMI helped me develop my career and my business with a strong position in my domestic market.

“What I enjoy most is watching my ideas take shape and eventually come to life.”