National Occupational Standards (NOS) Review 2021/22


The IMI is reviewing National Occupational Standards that feed directly into qualifications, and now’s the time to give your feedback so they are fit for purpose

For some, National Occupational Standards (NOS) will be well known, for others, it’ll be the first time you’ve heard of them. 

NOS are used to help develop qualifications used in apprenticeship frameworks in Wales, Northern Ireland, and Scotland as well as the IMI accreditation scheme for staff in all nations of the UK. The standards describe what an individual in a certain role should be able to do and the knowledge and understanding they need. Companies can use them to help design their in-house training, on-the-job coaching or performance management systems.

Change is coming

The IMI is reviewing four suites of the NOS standards: 

  • Auto Electrical and Mobile Electrical Installation
  • Maintenance and Repair - Heavy Vehicle Trailer
  • Maintenance and Repair - Lift Truck
  • Vehicle Fitting 

As well as developing new standards for:

  • Vehicle Recycling
  • Autonomous Connected Electric Shared vehicles (to start later in the year)

And this is where we need your help.

We want employers, industry experts and other relevant stakeholders to feed into the review in order to make sure that the NOS are up to date and fit for purpose for the sector.

Phase 1 will be carried out electronically via Teams and/or Zoom. Hopefully, we will be able to have face-to-face meetings as a wash-up event at the end of the consultation, sometime in October/November, date to be confirmed.

Video conference meetings have been arranged for each of the 4 nations, for each of the routes being reviewed:

  Auto Electrical HV Trailer Lift Truck Vehicle Fitting Vehicle Recycling
England 29-Jun 24-Aug 3-Aug 19-Jul 6-Sep
Scotland 21-Sep 23-Sep 28-Sep (to include MA Automotive framework**) 18-Aug & 30-Sep (to include MA Automotive framework and qualifications**) 7-Sep
N Ireland 30-Jun 25-Aug 4-Aug 20-Jul 8-Sep
Wales 1-Jul 26-Aug 5-Aug 21-Jul 9-Sep

Phase 2 will gather feedback on the new draft NOS developed as a result of these meetings. This phase will be in the form of an electronic questionnaire which will be sent out to the wider industry, so even if you didn’t get involved in Phase 1, you will still be able to get involved in Phase 2.

If you have already registered your interest you will be contacted with an invitation to attend the relevant meeting(s).

If you haven’t yet registered but would like to be involved please register your interest here indicating which route(s) you would like to review and which nation(s) you represent.

If you are not available for any of the meetings assigned to your nation you can still get involved at your convenience. For a self-review document pack, or to arrange a 1-2-1 call, please contact Caroline Harris.

Many thanks for getting involved and having your say!

**IMI are also reviewing Scottish MA Frameworks and relevant qualifications – for more information click here.