Case Study: Kay McNeil

Kay McNeil - Vehicle Technician - Autotech Recruit

Transitioning within a very male dominated industry hasn’t been without its challenges. I have spent over two decades working as a vehicle technician, and while there has been a shift in attitude towards LGBTQ+ people, there is still a need for a greater level of understanding.

I work freelance for Autotech Recruit and, as a result of frequently entering new working environments, I have a greater insight into the workings of workshops and garages and how people like me are welcomed. As such, I feel that I can play a vital role in educating the sector, which is why I joined the Autotech Recruit Ambassador programme.

There is an understanding that the industry needs to be more diverse and inclusive, but for many people, particularly those nearing retirement, they simply don’t have the time to challenge the status quo as the focus is on the job at hand.

I have worked as both a male and a female in this industry, and while there hasn’t been a significant amount of change, there is a chink of light coming through – and that’s the younger generation.

While there are still not enough young people entering the industry, those that do don’t bat an eyelid when they meet people from all walks of life. I have worked with many young interns and apprentices, and the attitudes of diversity and inclusivity are deep-rooted within them.

There are also more women entering the sector, but more needs to be done. People from all walks of life, regardless of gender or sexuality, need to be encouraged to work within the aftermarket industry.

My transition hasn’t dampened my genuine passion for the industry, but I understand that education and greater awareness are needed if we are to completely eradicate discrimination.


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