CPD Route to Body Sector British Standard Compliance


Update on the IMI’s work in progress


The IMI have worked with the industry to provide a Continuous Professional Development (CPD) route to body sector, British Standard compliance. This is in respect of BS10125 in its new, revised version. The following points are derived from the requirements set out in BS10125, in support of Annex A and from direct working with body sector representatives:

  • CPD enables individuals to maintain their knowledge and skills for repair task areas as detailed in BS10125, by completing and passing relevant and approved CPD within 3 years of achieving the initial recognition, to retain recognition against BS10125. All CPD must be approved by an Awarding Organisation, in line with the requirements set out in BS10125.
  • CPD will be delivered in various ways, such as, but not limited to: face to face training, virtual classrooms and eLearning. The delivery method must be in a format that enables the most effective assessment to take place for the given knowledge or competence-based repair task, detailed within BS10125.
  • Knowledge assessments will be a Multiple-Choice Question (MCQ) test. MCQ’s will consist of a stem/question followed by four possible answers. One answer should be the correct choice plus three distractors.
  • It is recognised that if delivering more than one ‘C’ unit together that rules of combination may apply. This means a reduced number of learning hours can be applied where there are similarities in learning content. This means that the overall number of knowledge questions required as shown in each ‘C’ unit may also reduce where crossover applies.
  • Practical skills assessments will be observed skills repair tasks and observed by competent assessors.
  • Assessments will be internally and externally quality assured by the provider of the assessment(s) and the relevant Awarding Organisation.

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