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Welcome to the Diversity Task Force Pledge Card, where you can add your name to the list of people who have pledged to upholding the values of the Diversity Task Force, and are committed to bringing a positive change to our industry.

By signing the pledge you recognise the importance of the IMI’s EDI report's recommendations as listed below, and make a commitment to implement and work to these:

  1. Strategic Importance – push the conversation up the agenda.

    Signal your commitment by starting or getting involved in the EDI conversations in your business. If you are a senior leader, you can also commit to, putting EDI on every board and senior leadership team meeting agenda.

  2. Know Your Workforce/Colleagues – its your responsibility to educate yourself
    Make a commitment to self-learning and asking questions to understand your colleagues. If you are a senior leader, you can also commit to better understand your staff through diversity data collection and open communication channels.

  3. Small Changes, Big Difference – show support and make changes
    Commit to being a proud ally in the workplace, proactively ask what changes you personally can make. If you are a senior leader, you can also commit to proactively considering reasonable adjustments and asking what changes your business can make to support your people to be the best they can be.

  4. New Perspectives – review everything through an equity and inclusion lens
    Commit to thinking differently about your ways of working, always with equity and inclusion in mind. If you are a senior leader, you can also commit to thinking differently about company policies, procedures, websites, customer journeys etc always with equity and inclusion in mind.

  5. Change Perceptions – showcase your changes to attract different people
    Commit to spreading the word about the good work being done and why it matters. If you are a senior leader, you can also commit to changing perceptions with a more diverse leadership team​​​​​​​

Sign the pledge today

Simply complete the form below and commit to making positive change in our sector. If you agree, we’ll keep you informed with outcomes of Diversity Task Force initiatives via email but please keep an eye on our social channels for updates as well.

227 people have already signed the pledge.


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