Benefits of a changed way of working

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In this article: The COVID-19 pandemic has changed life considerably, but some of the effects could have a positive impact on our lives. The IMI’s Marketing Manager Kat Hyde explains how the new normal has helped her take the pressure off

There’s no denying the past few weeks have been an upheaval for everyone. The lockdown forced companies to rethink how staff worked, shifting a lot of people into their homes, and although it has required a culture shift, as we begin to return to a reimagined normal, it could bring lasting benefits.

Many companies are now re-evaluating how they approach working practices. The COVID-19 pandemic forced many firms’ hands, but it has shown things can be done differently. Do you really need to have everyone in a central office, can digital tools be used more expansively, is spending hours commuting each day really time efficient?

The balance between work and home life has often been difficult; so many tasks to complete but not enough time. Now could be the time to make lasting change.

Since the lockdown began many of us will have grown used to a more flexible approach to working, trialled new technologies, tested new ways of doing things, learned new skills and challenged normal practices. That’s been good for productivity, but it also has more personal benefits.

A better balance, a more productive team

Homeworking has allowed me to enjoy a better work/life balance. Rather than the usual Monday to Friday rush I’ve been able to walk the dog in the morning, read books over a leisurely breakfast, eat more healthily with home-cooked meals rather than stale sandwiches, and better plan my days.

That’s just me, for others the change to working patterns could inspire them to do other things: get fit, try a hobby they’ve not had time for before or a host of other things.

Perhaps that sounds selfish, or that work has become a secondary concern, but that isn’t the point. The changes enforced by the COVID-19 pandemic on many people could be the jolt needed to make improvements to the work-life balance that otherwise wouldn’t have happened. And those changes could well lead to a more fulfilled workforce, a more engaged team, less staff churn and a more productive business.

How has your company changed its approach, and what benefits do you see from a culture shift in working practices? Get in touch through our social channels and let us know.

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