Flatten demand peaks with temporary vehicle technicians and MOT testers

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The industry is experiencing fluctuation in demand - temporary technicians and MOT testers could help smooth out the flow

With the new distribution of MOT expiry dates created by last year’s extension, the next few months could be ambiguous for the automotive aftermarket.

Garages and dealer groups need a clear strategy to manage resources, and incorporating the use of temporary vehicle technicians and MOT testers, who can fill any gaps quickly, should be at the forefront of this planning.

With a contractor network of 450, highly skilled vehicle technicians and MOT testers, Autotech Recruit filled over 46,000 days for the industry in 2019 alone, and is highly skilled in matching clients with skilled contractors.

While MOT demand has always followed a similar pattern, with both March and September traditionally busy months, this year, all bets are off as the industry grapples with the pandemic aftermath.

April and May could prove challenging months with significantly fewer MOT’s expiring. However, in February, demand for combined MOT and servicing increased by 48%, largely down to the number of repairs needed on vehicles which sat idle on driveways during the recent lockdown. This trend could rise as, according to the Motor Ombudsman, service and repair outlets are anticipating MOT failure rates to rise, with 58% preparing for an increase in repair work.

More concerning is the recent research from Direct Line, which reports that 3.8 million – one in ten drivers – have hit the road without a valid MOT certificate in the last 12 months. Largely down to the uncertainty of the extension rules.

Compounded, these factors intensify the fact that automotive employers could be in for a period of unprecedented peaks and troughs in demand. With furlough extended until September, many businesses are taking advantage of the flexible nature of the scheme, with employees off for days at a time rather than an extended period. Having the ability to do this, while bringing in temporary technicians to flatten any sudden peaks in servicing and MOT demands will ensure that a garage or dealer group continues to run efficiently.

Garages can take a financial hit as a result of a vacant vehicle ramp – up to the tune of £3,000 a week. So spending a couple of hundred pounds a day on a temporary vehicle technician or MOT tester is a smart business decision and will help them navigate the unpredictable months ahead.

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