Q&A: Robins and Day’s Amy Fox

Peugeot Garage

Robins and Day’s Head of HR Amy Fox talks talent acquisition and getting the right skills for the future

What are the key education/training requirements for people entering your company?

We have a dedicated Robins and Day corporate induction [plan] and specific online learning modules, dependant on which role you choose within our group, as well as a bespoke sales and customer advisor induction. The most important thing we look for is people who represent our core values, we recognise that people are our most important asset, those who have pride in all they do and recognise that by working together, we win together.

How do you source talent for your organisation?

We have an internal recruitment team who manage our vacancies on a national basis using various online recruitment options, but always driving candidates back to our careers page, so they can be fully immersed in the Robins and Day culture!

There they would find an introduction from James Weston, our CEO, as well as ‘day in the life’ videos for a variety of roles, from management to technicians; sales advisors to graduates. Our sites will often utilise their own Facebook pages, to personalise their approach and attract those who may know the business locally, or already be a customer of ours!

For our apprenticeships, as quality is such a key part of our business, we have been known to approach individuals in part time or weekend jobs, who have shown us excellent customer service. We are always keen for those displaying the right attitudes so early in their careers, to start their journey into full time work with us.

How many apprenticeships do you carry out per year?

We recognise the value our experienced team members can add to those just starting out in their career so aim to recruit around 50 apprentices per year. This includes technician, customer advisor, business administration, and this year, we are also offering sales apprenticeships.

What is the aim of this training?

We feel the ability to grow our own talent means we have committed, engaged employees who have comprehensive Robins and Day knowledge and experience. These individuals are the pipeline for the critical roles within our business.

How are you managing the new skill-set required for the switch to plug-in vehicles?

Our technicians and apprentices undertake their training at our group academy, which offers excellent training, including the change to electric technology in addition to other key courses as detailed above.

In addition, all employees had to complete comprehensive e-learning modules focused training colleagues on EV technologies and the customer benefits called ‘Electric Quest’. We released one module each month to deepen knowledge on each topic to unlock the next ‘Electric Station’. This ensured all employees across the business had the same level of knowledge on this key technology, regardless of the role they carried out. Electric is the future, so we want everyone to understand and embrace it.

What leadership development programmes do you run?

Robins and Day is able to utilise the dedicated Stellantis leadership programmes, all of which have been adapted to facilitate a virtual offering.

Leadership in Action, focuses on new leadership in a digital world, reflecting on wellbeing and values, changes in culture, breaking down silos and developing empowerment.

Leadership Fundamentals, is for first line managers with the objective of developing participants from their current position to that of a leader of team, driving the performance of the team whilst being conscious of behaviour change requirements, self-awareness and building resilience.

People Leader is created for managers of managers and enables self-assessment to ensure a focus on coaching, motivation and development, whilst ensuring behaviours continue to support the group vision and approach translates into operational objectives.

What is your key focus for the next six months and why?

As we exit the Covid context, our main priority is focusing on employees’ wellbeing. The pandemic has changed how we work and the impact and experience of the pandemic has been different for everyone, which we want to recognise and support.

An inclusive environment recognises and values everyone’s differences and we know the positive impact that has on all employees. Our aim is to increase engagement and retention with a focus on further developing and improving knowledge and awareness of diversity and inclusion across Robins and Day.