Why Thatcham is charging up its EV training

Group of EV cars

The need for more EV qualified staff in the sector is pushing organisations to develop training programmes to help future demand as we head towards an electrified future

As the automotive sector shifts to an electrified future, growing the skills and knowledge of those who will keep vehicles roadworthy is crucial. The IMI has long argued that more investment needs to be made in EV-related qualifications, and more organisations are developing programmes to address the challenge.

Thatcham Research is supporting the pressing need for automotive businesses and their employees to learn how to handle electric vehicles safely and effectively by unveiling a new EV Ready Training Programme, backed by the IMI.
The UK Government’s decision to bring forward its ban on sales of new petrol and diesel cars to 2030, has increased consumer demand for zero-emissions vehicles. As the dynamic of the car parc continues to shift, businesses must act now to ensure they have the specialist EV skills and knowledge to handle these technically-advanced vehicles.
Thatcham Research’s programme reinforces how essential it is to the future success of vehicle repairers, insurance companies and claims management organisations, as well as businesses operating in the fleet, salvage, recovery and vehicle auction sectors to have EV skills.
Dean Lander, Thatcham Research’s Head of Repair Sector Services, says: “New EV registrations are rising sharply. Adoption will only continue to increase, so it’s imperative that businesses know how to interact with these vehicles safely and efficiently.
“It’s about knowing how to identify the technology, and being familiar with working voltages and equipment, vehicle design, components and repair, as well as understanding the health and safety requirements.
Thatcham Research’s EV Ready Training Programme is delivered via a blended learning model that combines e-Learning and face-to-face training and consists of three core components:

  • ‘EV Aware’ e-Learning modules containing two learner journeys for non-technical/contact employees and technical employees and managers.
  • Level 3 Institute of the Motor Industry (IMI)-backed qualifications for technical employees. Assessments encompass safety requirements and repair procedures for EV/HV.
  • Employee success on the programme earns the business a bodyshop certificate issued by Thatcham Research. This clearly demonstrates to partners the extent of the training staff have undertaken.

Learners that complete Level 3 training at the Automotive Academy will receive an IMI certificate of achievement and be recognised on the IMI’s TechSafe™ register.
Learners receive the latest vehicle information across battery electric vehicles, plug-in hybrids, hybrid electric and mild hybrid vehicles.
“The need to become EV ready has never been more relevant,” says Lander. “There are many challenges to overcome before a sustainable repair ecosystem can be created. Chief among them is an urgent need to equip repair businesses with knowledge and skills, supporting an EV repair framework that meets consumer expectation and allows the benefits of the EV revolution to be realised.”

Find out more about the TechSafe™ campaign and keep an eye on the IMI’s website, social channels and newsletters for the latest developments.