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apprenticeship standards

Read the latest guidance on how COVID-19 is changing standards and EPAs whether you're an apprentice or a training provider

Are there any flexibilities for Level 2 apprentices wishing to pass through gateway and functional skills requirement?

Yes – ESFA have confirmed the rule around level 2 apprentices requiring to study towards and attempt level 2 functional skills assessments for Maths and English is suspended and has been extended up to 31 December 2020. Please see update from ESFA.

As a training provider, we are now reopening for our learners and apprentices with the latest government update. Can we book/reschedule face-to-face EPA assessments that have been postponed due to COVID-19 lockdown?

Yes - IMI will be taking face-to-face EPA bookings. However this will be subject to ensuring you have a full risk assessment available on site for EPA to take place. IMI will equally supply a risk assessment for our assessors to travel to and from the EPA venue.

All risk assessments should be in line with the governments guidelines.

IMI will require a copy of your risk assessment to be sent to us prior to the EPA assessment taking place.

Level 3 Apprentices who should of sat the functional skills exam but can't due to COVID-19, can they still be accepted through EPA gateway

If your apprentice fits the criteria below, under IfATE's guidance, there is a temporary flexibility to enable apprentices to take end point assessment (EPA) ahead of receiving their calculated functional skills qualifications (FSQ) later on in the summer. During the Covid-19 crisis IfATE are permitting the re-sequencing of the EPA process to enable gateway to be passed and EPA to be taken before the FSQ calculated result is received.


  • all apprentices due to take an FSQ test and receive a result between 20 March and 31 July;
  • those apprentices that are deemed by their training provider to have the required level of functional skills and sufficient evidence to demonstrate this to receive a calculated FSQ pass; and
  • occupationally competent apprentices at gateway who are ready to progress to sit their EPA
  • ESFA have released further guidance for Training Providers and Employers for any apprentices that have undergone EPA with a FSQ calculated grade.

Read here

Are the IMI still taking new EPA bookings / What is the current EPA situation with regards to booking EPA?

Yes - EPA bookings are still being accepted. Depending on the Apprenticeship Standards, some variations to the assessment schedules may occur. Contact a member of the IMI EPA team or review our EPA assessment updates for more information.

Will we be charged for EPA's that are cancelled due to COVID-19?

No - there will be no charge for EPA cancellations, if they are cancelled due to Covid-19.

Can apprentices take elements of their EPA remotely at their workplace?

Yes – Flexibilities have been applied to apprenticeship standards by IfATE on delivery methods of EPA assessments of which some include remote assessment. IMI have been conducting remote invigilation for apprentices online knowledge tests across apprenticeship standards, as well as conducting other remote methods of assessment, such as professional discussion and interviews.

IfATE have confirmed the current flexibilities that have been applied during COVID19 will extend and be available up to at least January 2021.

Please see IfATE latest news here.

What guidance is there for furloughed apprentices or centres that have closed?

There is guidance for Apprentices, Employers and Training Providers on the Government website.

Can a break in learning be applied, if an apprentice has started their EPA?

Yes. An apprentice can be given a 12 week break in learning during their EPA window. Further guidance is available on the ESFA website.

Do EPA assessments still have to be taken in the order stipulated in the assessment plan?

No - dispensation has been agreed with the Ifate and EQAP's for apprenticeship standards that the order of assessment can be changed. For further details contact a member of the IMI EPA team or review our EPA assessment updates.