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How the IMI is working with Centres to make sure they can continue to deliver for their learners

I had an External Quality Assurance visit scheduled/am due a visit soon – will this be cancelled?

Where possible, our EQA's are aiming to carry out their visits remotely and providing the necessary support and guidance.

I recently submitted a non-DC claim and the IMI have requested a learner portfolio and IQA records. How can I help support the external quality assurance process?

Please contact your EQA who will provide guidance on your claim or alternately, email qualityandcompliance@theimi.org.uk.

Our Centre is temporarily closed. How can I ensure certificates are not posted out to us?

We have made the decision to stop issuing physical certificates and have moved to digital. Centres will be able to access these in their eModule which will help with funding claims or for progression validation.

How do I access digital certificates?

If you have not previously used eModule, please contact our support team for help logging in. You can access eModule by visiting the 'Centres' area of the IMI Awarding website or clicking here.

Can we still claim certifications for candidates or should we wait until things go back to normal?

It is business as usual so please make claims in the normal way. While premises remain closed, certificates will be issued digitally.

Can we still register candidates?

Yes, you can. Please ensure that all learners undertaking a qualification are registered in the normal way through Web Portal 2.

I am currently applying to become a new IMI approved Centre. What will happen with my application?

Your application for Centre approval will be processed in the normal way where possible. Although some elements will be carried out remotely. There may be slight delays where a full site visit is necessary, but please be assured our team will be in regular contact to support you through your approval.

My centre approval is due to expire shortly. What do I need to do?

It is no longer necessary for a separate physical re-approval visit to take place. Providing you are an active IMI Centre, you will receive re-approval confirmation before your expiry date, via email. Your new Centre Agreement will be sent to you via DocuSign for your signature and your new centre approval certificate will be issued once the IMI office re-opens.

Is the IMI still operating as usual?

Yes. Our team continue to work remotely, helping to support the IMI Community.