Chapter Two Begins...

Chapter two begins…

You may not have heard from me before, I’m here to help us all make real change in the industry.

My name’s Vijayacittā and I’m the Interim Head of the IMI’s Diversity Task Force. The work was kicked off in 2021 by the IMI’s President, Professor Jim Saker, and it’s helping us understand how the automotive sector can be a more attractive place to work for everyone. I’m excited to be a part of it.

When the task force’s report was released back in March, I said this would be an ongoing process. We want to put equity, diversity and inclusion centre stage in the automotive sector, and that will take time. My aim is to make sure we’re a real catalyst for real change.

Why are we doing all this work? First, because the automotive sector faces severe skills gaps. And, related, to make sure that equity, diversity and inclusion are permanently top of the agenda, not just a sticking-plaster to cover that current skills gap.

To help spread the positive EDI message, I’ll be encouraging even more external stakeholders to join the Task Force, to share their ambitions and developments and learn from each other.

The IMI is taking its own medicine: we’re developing qualifications to support the sector workforce and encourage more diverse role models, attracting talented workers from across the population. We want the automotive sector to be a safe place for all to work in.

We’ll be sharing updates and regular content so keep an eye on the IMI’s website and social channels to keep up to date. And don’t forget, this helps all of us.

It’s a huge task and we’re all part of the change, so if you want your voice heard, the IMI is here. Please get in touch. Call +44 (0)1992 519025, or send an email to

With my very best wishes