Five reflections on a wild year


What a year. The IMI community has adjusted to huge challenges – whether that’s COVID-19, the seismic shift to electrification, or political volatility – and also shown enormous innovation and resilience.

Many of the industry’s challenges were captured in the IMI’s MotorPro. Flicking through my back copies reminded me how much has happened in the last 12 months, how much the industry is changing and – crucially – offered some thoughts on being prepared for 2022.

Here are five takeaways:  

1.    Beef up your soft skills. We all want to improve our career prospects but that doesn’t always mean more technical knowledge. Focusing on our soft skills could be the key to making the next leap in the role you really want.

2.    You really can supercharge your career. There are many different roles out there and many entry points, too. Automotive a great place to build your career. See what can you do to supercharge your career

3.    Automotive is a global family. The IMI is working to make sure everyone has access to training that pushes boundaries and prepares us for an exciting electrified, autonomous, connected future – whether you’re in the UK, China or somewhere in between. 

4.    Keep fresh. The IMI works hard to keep you up to speed on changing industry insights. The IMI’s Virtual Conference covered the key issues facing all of us; from attracting and retaining talent to TechSafe™ and the future of sector. It’s worth catching up with if you haven’t already.

5.    We never stop evolving. As individuals and companies, we need to stay relevant. I was reminded of this when reading about Harley’s rebirth. Harley Davidson, one of the world’s most iconic brands, is coming back with a bang after years of faltering.

As 2021 draws to a close, the IMI team and I would like to wish you a hugely prosperous (and less stressful) new year.

With my very best wishes 
Steve and the IMI team