Functional skills (FSQ)

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Key questions answered for learners working towards Functional Skills qualifications

Centre Assessment Grades further FAQ's

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What is the latest for learners registered on Functional Skills qualifications?

Government policy states that learners due to take functional skills assessments between 20th March and July 31st 2020 should receive a calculated result, rather than an adapted or postponed assessment.

Please see latest update here.

Who is eligible for a calculated result?

This process is applicable for:

  • Legacy FSQs for English, maths and ICT Level 1 and 2
  • Reformed FSQs for English and mathematics Level 1 and 2
  • Learners registered on the above qualifications and expected to take FSQ assessments between 20th March and 31st July 2020 are eligible for a calculated result.

What information do we have to provide?

Please find attached the following documents to support you with this process:

What if we are unable to provide the information due to furloughed staff?

It is expected that for a range of reasons related to the current situation, some centres may not be able to participate. These may include for example:

  • centres with furloughed staff
  • centres who are operating at the limits of their capacity such as for example, healthcare providers

In such cases, every effort will be made to minimise disadvantaging those learners' however delaying assessments may be unavoidable.

When will results be released for calculated grades?

There is not a set a specific result release date for calculated results.

There will be a rolling result release with the aim that results will be processed as quickly as possible under these extraordinary circumstances.

'Please note' any calculated results will not be released prior to 15 June and the final result release date will be 31 July 2020.

What if a learner achieves a fail as part of a calculated result?

For those learners receiving a fail as their calculated result, there will be no provision for a second submission.

An opportunity to re-sit the assessment will be offered as soon as possible, as long as government recommended social distancing guidelines can be implemented.