Here we go again

Customer Service

After the beginning to 2020, I think we were all hoping that the end of the year would be a little more settled. Unfortunately, that hasn’t happened. The Prime Minister’s announcement that the country faces a tiered approach to future lockdowns was undoubtedly met by a mixture of emotions.

It could mean reduced footfall in some businesses, but hopefully the approach shouldn’t mean businesses need to close completely, which is a sliver of positivity to hold on to.

There’s still no sign of the government delivering any specific help for the motor industry, and that’s something we’ll continue to ask for, but hopefully the chancellor’s job support measures which run into 2021 will minimise any losses our industry faces. Not that all jobs will be saved unfortunately.

Worries, frustrations and concerns are likely to build up once more after a relatively steady summer, so we all need to take stock and reach out if we need help.

It’s what the IMI is here for and it’s what the automotive industry’s charity Ben exists to deliver.


Ben is incredibly important in supporting the sector and provides assistance on mental health, wellbeing, financial issues and a host of other areas. So please contact them if you’re worried and need guidance.

And keep an eye on the IMI’s social networks next week as we’ll be posting regularly about what services Ben offers and how you can access them.

The IMI is determined to support the charity and raise as much money as possible so if you can donate, please do, as it means Ben can help more people during these difficult times.

The IMI will continue to play its part too. Don’t forget there’s an incredible amount of information, advice and help available on the IMI’s COVID-19 hub, whether you’re a student, member, manager, business owner or centre. And new content is added all the time.

And if the IMI can help in any way please get in touch. We’re available on +44 (0)1992 519025, or send emails to if you need us.
Take care,