Who’s wearing masks?

Face mask

The shackles are off now the government has lifted the majority of restrictions in England, (although if you run a nightclub, September brings with it new rules). The other nations are easing restrictions too. But it’s important that we all navigate these new freedoms with a healthy dose of caution.

Everyone’s seen how COVID infection rates are rising and the track and trace app is pinging ever more people. So, how do we keep staff, customers and ourselves safe? Well, it could be through some fairly simple, and well known, choices.

Masks started off as a sticking point at the beginning of the pandemic, but it looks like many of us have now become so used to them we aren’t quite ready to give them up yet. 

ONS data suggests two-thirds of adults still plan to wear masks in shops and on public transport. And the desire to take a more cautious approach extends into our industry too.

Our own LinkedIn poll revealed 77% of respondents said yes to masks.

Here at the IMI, we’re welcoming back those into our offices who want to return, and using lateral flow tests to make sure the working environment is as safe as can be. And around the industry, others are taking precautions too.

Marshall Motor Group is keeping its protocols in place, so social distancing and mask wearing will remain the norm throughout its business.

It could end up being challenging for businesses to decide what they should do, what rules they can enforce, and what they can encourage staff and customers to do. It’s probably a good time to make the most of your member benefits, including free legal advice.

To claim your free 45 minutes of legal guidance with Taylor & Emmet Solicitors as part of your IMI membership call 08701 200009.

It’s crucial to get plans in place. The IMI is here to help wherever possible. If you have a question you need answering, please get in touch on +44 (0)1992 519025, or send an email to hello@theimi.org.uk
With my very best wishes.