Automotive Apprenticeships Starts - Feb 2021

  • There were 26,628 apprenticeship starts in November 2020 which is -9% decrease compared to the same period last year.
  • Automotive apprenticeships continue to be more adversely effected. There were 575 automotive apprenticeships in November which is 33% lower than November 2019. Although automotive apprenticeship starts are now approaching monthly figures that resemble previous years they are not ‘recouping’ the dramatic falls in September and October.
  • Comparing subject areas, automotive apprenticeship starts have seen the 12th largest fall, which is a significant change from last Q1 reporting which ranked automotive as the 4th highest falls. However, this is not due to any dramatic increases in the number of starts in automotive rather other subjects appear to be seeing more dramatic falls.
  • In automotive apprenticeships, over 25s appear to be disproportionately effected.
  • Comparing 2020 November starts to 2019, there has been a significant decrease in the number of apprenticeships supported by ASA levy funding. All apprenticeships supported by ASA funding has fallen by 26% while the number of automotive apprenticeships supported by ASA funding has fallen by 56%. Only 32% of automotive apprenticeships were ASA levy funded.
  • Vehicle Maintenance and Repair, Vehicle Body and Paint Operations and Vehicle Parts Operations saw declines of almost 100% in November compared to the same period last year.
Feb 2021