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Meeting the Demand for Skilled Vehicle Technicians in the Age of ADAS

An Analysis of the Skills Gap and Future Outlook for the Next Decade

The use of ADAS technologies is becoming increasingly common in new vehicles and is seen as a key step towards the development of fully autonomous vehicles. By improving road safety and reducing the number of accidents, ADAS technologies are seen as a critical component of the future of mobility. The IMI believes that as of the end of 2022, 5% of the UK car parc has some degree of level 2 autonomy. This is set to rise rapidly over the next decade as all new vehicles as of July 2022 are mandated (EU regulation) to include several safety components, a number of which include Level 2 autonomy. The IMI forecasts that 44% of the UK car parc will have level 2 autonomy by 2030.


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