Understanding Diagnostic Fault Codes and Live Data

The emphasis on this course is on diagnostic practical skills. Bosch diagnostics testers are computer based and can store and display a vast array of information. The aim of this course is to explain and demonstrate how the information at hand can be used in an integrated way to affect a logical diagnostic procedure.

Additionally the course will cover some of the lesser known variations of fault codes, actual values, adjustments and special functions found with Esi[tronic} 2.0 software. This course is not suitable for new users of KTS 3XX, 5XX or 6XX diagnostic testers.

Course Details

  • CPD Credit Value 8
  • Course Format Physical
  • Course Duration 1 day
  • Provided By Bosch

What do I recieve?

You will be able to:

  • Understand how to carry out control unit diagnosis test routines for error memory, actual values, actuator test, adjustments and settings and special feature test modes.
  • Understand how to access and use a selection of specific fault codes, actual values (live data) within Esi[tronic 2.0 software.
  • Understand how to complete a set of system tests using the linked functions of SD, SIS/CAS and the built in multimeter and oscilloscope test tools in a logical diagnostic procedure.

Who is this for?

This course is ideally suited to technicians currently using Bosch KTS 3XX, 5XX and 6XX diagnostic testers, and have already attended the Bosch course coded WTE1. It is also useful for technicians looking to improve their diagnostic skills whilst developing an understanding the full functionality of Bosch diagnostic equipment with a view to purchasing it in the future.

CPD Credit Value   8

Course Duration   1 day

Venue    STC Uxbridge / regional centre

Dates listed subject to change.

£190 + VAT Member
£210 + VAT Non-Member

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