Manual Gearbox Technology

A transmission system gearbox is required because the power and torque of an engine changes at different speeds. The transmission also reverses the drive and provides a neutral position when required. This course will cover gearbox operation, gear change mechanisms, gears and components, and synchromesh mechanisms. It will also introduce front wheel drive and rear-wheel drive gearboxes.

Course Details

  • CPD Credit Value 9
  • Course Format eLearning
  • Course Duration 8 hours
  • Provided By Institute of the Motor Industry

What do I recieve?

You will be able to:

  • Understand how light vehicle manual gearbox systems operate.
  • Understand types of gear, power, speed and torque.
  • Describe the main components in a transmission gearbox system.
  • Understand gear change mechanisms including single, two and three-rail systems.
  • Explain synchromesh, neutral and synchronising positions.

Who is this for?

Vehicle technicians who are just starting out in the industry or those who have been working for some time and want to consolidate their experience.

CPD Credit Value  9

Course Duration    8 hours

£15 + VAT Member
£30 + VAT Non-Member

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