• Level 3
  • Reference 600/2579/7
  • Total Qualification Time 690
  • Guided Learning Hours 538-567 (553)
  • Subject Area Specialist
  • Type Motorsport

This qualification is available in England and Northern Ireland only.

Who is it suitable for?

This Maintenance and Repair Level 3 is a flexible vocationally related qualification (VRQ) fundamentally aimed at enthusiastic young people aged 16 years old and over, who wish to develop their knowledge and understanding of the requirements of an automotive technician within the motorsport, performance road cars and/or retail motor industries.  It is also the knowledge component of the SEMTA Level 3 Advanced Apprenticeship in Engineering Manufacture (Craft and Technician).


This qualification is mapped to SEMTA SSC National Occupational Standards.  Learners will develop their knowledge to diagnose complex problems and repair motorsport motor vehicles.

The qualification includes the understanding of materials, fabrication, tools and measuring, and the following areas of knowledge of motorsport:

  • Event regulations
  • Setting up motorsport vehicles
  • Inspecting a motorsport vehicle during competition
  • Diagnosis and rectification of  engine and ancillary components
  • Diagnosis and rectification of transmission and driveline faults
  • Diagnosis and rectification of chassis system faults

Learners also have the opportunity to choose to gain knowledge and skills from a large variety of optional units, a small example are listed here:

  • Diagnosis and rectification of electrical/electronic equipment faults
  • Joining vehicle components using a fusion and non fusion processes
  • Marking out, cutting, shaping and forming sheet and tube materials to fabricate motorsport components
  • Constructing, installing and testing cable forms and looms
  • Installing, setting up and testing electrical/electronic engine/transmission control units
  • Installing, setting up and testing visual display, computer and data acquisition systems
  • Stripping and rebuilding engines for motorsport vehicles
  • Testing engines for motorsport vehicles (fixed dynamometer)
  • Dressing engines for motorsport vehicles

Learners also have the opportunity to gain additional knowledge of:

  • electrically propelled vehicles
  • inspection, repair and replacement of tyres
  • assessing and securing the roadside situation
  • introduction to low carbon technologies in the automotive industry


Learners can undertake the IMI Level 3 Diploma in Motorsport Vehicle Maintenance and Repair, as the knowledge component of the SEMTA Level 3 Advanced Apprenticeship in Engineering Manufacture (Craft and Technician).

For some individuals, this VRQ could prepare them for progression into the workplace.


In order to successfully complete this qualification learners are required to complete a number of IMI set:

  • practical assessments
  • online knowledge tests
  • and written knowledge assessments

Want to know more?

Please contact an IMI approved centre.

Declared Puropse IMIAL Level 3 Diploma in Motorsport Vehicle Maintenance & Repair Principles
Honda Letter of Support
MIA Letter of Support
SMMT Letter of Support


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Start Date: Thu, 01/09/2011
End Date: Thu, 31/12/2026
Certificate End Date: Mon, 31/12/2029

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