• Level 2
  • Reference 603/1466/7
  • Total Qualification Time 18
  • Guided Learning Hours 14
  • Subject Area EV
  • Type VRQ, NVQ, VCQ

Who is this qualification for?

This qualification is for training providers and employers to deliver to learners in the 16-18 and 19+ age groups. These learners will have an interest in gaining the knowledge to work safely when carrying out routine maintenance activities on electric/hybrid vehicles.

It is therefore designed for those people who may encounter electric/hybrid vehicles within a routine maintenance situation. It also contains the knowledge and skills required to work safely around a vehicle that may have had damage to its high energy/electrical system.
This Award sized qualification offers an introduction to this specialised industry sector which in addition to complimenting their current industry qualifications and experience, will enable them to continue to work safely within their role. These roles can include but are not exclusive to:

  • Vehicle maintenance and repair technicians

Who might be interested in taking this course?

Individuals interested in taking this course will need to possess appropriate vehicle maintenance and repair knowledge and skills at level 2.

What will the learner study as part of this qualification?

The content of this qualification has been designed to give the learners the knowledge and skills required to work safely on electric/hybrid vehicles whilst carrying out routine maintenance and repair activities (not voltage components or systems). This may include vehicles that may have or had damage to their high energy/electrical system.

It contains one mandatory unit covering knowledge of:

  • electric/hybrid vehicle system components and operation
  • hazards surrounding electric/hybrid vehicles
  • how to reduce the risks to yourself and others when working on electric/hybrid vehicles
  • safely preparing the vehicle when carrying routine maintenance (NOT high voltage components or systems)

Skills of:

  • working safely on an electric/hybrid vehicle (NOT high voltage components or systems)

As a result, learners successfully completing this qualification will acquire significant core knowledge and skills and the ability to work safely around and maintain electric/hybrid vehicles.

Which subjects will complement this course?

This qualification will help support their progression onto qualifications that further develop their knowledge and skills within a technical role, carrying out repair and replacement of high voltage components on electric/hybrid vehicles.

  • Level 3 Award in Electric/Hybrid Vehicle Repair and Replacement


Please contact an IMI approved centre

This qualification is an official entry route into our TechSafe™ recognition, which will allow you to gain your place on our Professional Register and show the automotive community and wider that you are competent in your role, and are up to date with the latest of technology and knowledge. Get started today.

Documentation for IMI Centres

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Start Date: Thu, 01/06/2017
End Date: Thu, 31/07/2025
Certificate End Date: Fri, 31/07/2026

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