• Level 1
  • Reference 603/2245/7
  • Subject Area Specialist
  • Type Cycles

PLEASE NOTE: This qualification will close for registrations on 31st August 2021 and be replaced on the 1st September 2021 with the following new qualifications:

  • 60376053 - IMI Level 1 Award in Automotive Maintenance
  • 60376065 - IMI Level 1 Certificate in Automotive Maintenance
  • 60376077 - IMI Level 1 Diploma in Automotive Maintenance

New Units for viewing and preparation can be found here

Who is it suitable for?

This VRQ is aimed at learners who wish to develop understanding and skills in the building, servicing, repair and maintenance of cycles. This qualification also suits individuals with a keen leisure interest in cycles.


This Level 1 qualification has mandatory units (those considered essential for learners to achieve), but additional units are also included to offer learners the option of continuing and broadening their studies in specific areas of interest. Learners will develop their knowledge of how to complete:

  • cycle checks
  • puncture repairs
  • removal and replacement of a gear assembly and a rim brake assembly.

Learners will have the option to also develop their knowledge of how to:

  • remove and replace:
  • hub bearings
  • bottom brackets
  • cranks
  • gear systems
  • braking systems
  • tubular and tubeless tyres
  • build a cycle wheel
  • prepare frames and forks
  • augment a cycle
  • change a cycle frame


The skills and knowledge acquired can be used for career progression into the cycle maintenance and repair sector. This qualification also suits individuals with a keen leisure interest in cycles.


The assessments for this qualification have a practical focus and combine various assessment styles/methodologies in order to suit the subject and levels of units contained within it.

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Start Date: Fri, 01/09/2017
End Date: Tue, 31/08/2021
Certificate End Date: Wed, 31/08/2022

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