• Level 1
  • Reference 603/7612/0
  • Total Qualification Time 389-485
  • Guided Learning Hours 306–393

Who is it suitable for?

This engaging and motivating Vocationally Related Qualification (VRQ) is generally aimed at learners 16-19 years old who have a keen interest to learn about vehicle accident repair.


This qualification consists of Group A Mandatory units and Group B Vehicle Accident Repair units; both  Group A Mandatory units and 2 Group B Vehicle Accident Repair units need to be successfully completed to achieve this qualification.

Group A Mandatory Units:

  • L1AM01 - Health and Safety in the Workplace
  • L1AM02 - Tools, Equipment and Consumable Materials for Vehicle Maintenance  

Group B Vehicle Accident Repair Units:

  • L1AM05 - Engine Cooling System Components and Maintenance
  • L1AM09 - Exhaust System Components and Maintenance
  • L1AM10 - Steering System Components and Maintenance
  • L1AM12 - Braking System Components and Maintenance
  • L1AM15 - Vehicle Electrical System Components and Maintenance
  • L1AR01 - Remove And Replace Interior And Exterior Trim
  • L1AR02 - Vehicle Damage Assessment
  • L1AR03 - Introduction to Metal Preparation
  • L1AR04 - Panel Removal and Refitting
  • L1AR05 - Minor Panel Damage Repairs
  • L1AR06 - Vehicle Welding Techniques
  • L1AR07 - Paintless Dent Removal Techniques
  • L1AR08 - Adhesive Bonding and Mechanical Fastening
  • L1AR09 - Vehicle Paint Preparation
  • L1AR10 - Spray Gun Components and Maintenance  
  • L1AR11 - Paint Spraying and Masking Techniques
  • L1AR12 - Primer Preparation and application Techniques
  • L1AR13 - Interior Cosmetic Repair Techniques
  • L1AR14 - Panel Joint Sealing and Corrosion Protection
  • L1AR15 - Removing and Applying Graphics and Lettering
  • L1AR16 - Vehicle Exterior Valeting and Detailing  
  • L1AR17 - Vehicle Interior Valeting and Detailing  

The units have been developed to provide flexibility for this qualification. Learners will develop their knowledge and skills in a mainly practical setting which will help them prepare for further studies in vehicle accident repair industries or employment.


Learners can typically progress to a higher level of learning such as a Level 2 Certificate or Diploma and also supplement their progress to GCSEs and other appropriate destinations, such as apprenticeships and employment.

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Start Date: Wed, 01/09/2021
End Date: Wed, 31/12/2025
Certificate End Date: Sun, 31/12/2028

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