• Level 3
  • Reference AS-LVSMT-EPA-AP03
  • Subject Area Light Vehicle
  • Gateway 1: AS-LVSMT-GW1-AP03

  • Gateway 2: AS-LVSMT-GW2-AP03

  • EPA Gateway: AS-LVSMT-GW3-AP03

  • End Point Assessment: AS-LVSMT-EPA-AP03

The Apprenticeship Standard and Assessment Plan can be found here.

Important Notice: EPA Skills Assessment Resit/Retake - please be advised that we have received an update from RMISC, our EQAP for Light Vehicle Standards;

  1. ‘A resit does not require further learning, whereas a retake does.'
  2. ‘The Apprentice’s employer will need to agree that a resit/retake is an appropriate course of action.’
  3. ‘To achieve a pass grade for the Skills Test: all grade descriptors must be demonstrated at a minimum of pass. Any fail grading will lead to an overall fail of the Skills Test.’

Therefore, where a grade descriptor has been marked as failed, we would request that the candidate’s employer needs to authorise a retake or resit, based on a ‘supportive action plan’; the candidate will need to resit or retake the Skills Test in full.


Written by employers within the automotive retail industry, the Motor Vehicle Service & Maintenance Level 3 Apprenticeship Standard is suitable for aspiring technicians. Learn to service and repair light vehicles, replace components, solve complex faults, use diagnostic methods and equipment, as well as a whole array of other skills.

Designed with different learning styles in mind, IMI’s solution ensures Apprentices are fully engaged and prepared for their End-Point Assessment (EPA). The new standard replaces the outgoing SASE level 3 framework and attracts government funding.


A motor vehicle technician services and repairs light vehicles, working in either a dealership that focuses on a particular manufacturer, or for an independent garage. Working on all systems found within the vehicle, the nature of the work ranges from replacing simple parts, right through to diagnosing and rectifying complex faults with the use of diagnostic methods and equipment.

Duration: 36 Months

It is expected that it will typically take three years for the Apprentice to attain the required level of competence in the workplace, although it may be less if the individual already has significant training and practical experience.  

Entry requirements

Individual employers will set the selection criteria for the applicant. It is recommended during the selection process that the Apprentice demonstrates the following qualities:

  • Interested in motor vehicles
  • General analytical and mechanical skills
  • Research and problem solving skills
  • Organised, methodical and good attention to detail
  • Good communication skills, both oral and written
  • Works as part of a team to deliver excellent service

Mandatory - All Apprentices are required to hold or obtain the F-Gas qualification in line with the EU regulation. This states that everyone involved in the installation, commissioning, service, maintenance and leak testing of stationary refrigeration, air conditioning and heat pump equipment requires this.

Mandatory - English and Maths L2 (or equivalent), to be held by the Apprentice prior to their End-Point Assessment. IMI provides solutions to any Apprentice that does not have a L2 (or equivalent) in Maths or English before starting, to achieve this before completion of the standard.

Assessment Overview

There are no requirements for on-programme formative assessment. However, employers are recommending that, in addition to the formal EPA Gateway, there are also on-programme gateways in place. The on-programme gateways can be used to review the Apprentice’s knowledge, skills and behaviour, as set out by Gateway criteria. This will also confirm the Apprentice is meeting expectations at the EPA Gateway prior to their EPA.

Gateway 1 (opitonal)

  • Review of eLogbook against Soft Skills and Behaviour Assessment Tool
  • Skills Assessment (Practical Task)
  • Knowledge Assessment (Online Test)

Gateway 2 (opitonal)

  • Review of eLogbook against Soft Skills and Behaviour Assessment Tool
  • Skills Assessment (Practical Task)
  • Knowledge Assessment (Online Test)

End-Point Assessment Gateway (mandatory)

  • English and Maths Level 2
  • Review eLogbook and criteria listed in the Behaviour Tool
  • F-Gas

End-Point Assessment

  • Review of completed eLogbook
  • Knowledge Assessment (Online Test)
  • Skills Assessment (Practical Task)
  • In-depth Professional Review

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Q.  What are the changes to ST0033/AP03?  
A.  Changes in summary:

  • Removal of mandatory on-programme gateways and other references to on-programme assessment 
  • Change of Independent Assessor/Apprentice ratio for the End Point Skills Test from 1:9 to 1:3
  • Additional detail and changes to the End Point Assessment methods, including grading
  • Training specifications and behaviours framework removed 
  • Resit/retake information included and clarified 
  • Confirmation that external quality assurance will be undertaken by the Retail Motor Industry Standards and Certification (RMISC)

Q.  Should Apprentices registered on the End Point Assessment for ST0033/AP02 move onto the End Point Assessment for ST0033/AP03?  
A.  No. In accordance with The Institute for Apprenticeship’s general principle, the IMI recommends that Apprentices continue on the version of  the Assessment Plan that they started upon.    

Q.  Can we have different cohorts of Apprentices on different assessment plans?
A.  Yes, you can have a different cohorts of Apprentices on different assessment plans. However, it is not advisable to have Apprentices in the same cohort on different assessment plans.

Q.  What do we do if we are approved for AP02 and now want to gain approval for AP03? 
A.  Email nishmap@theimi.org.uk to request approval. A new EPA ST0033/AP03 contract will be sent to you, this will need to be signed and returned. Once signed and returned the new AP03 standard packages will be available for registration.

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