IMI Policies

From our privacy and data policy, to product specific policies, you will find everything that you need to help inform and aide you as an IMI customer.

Our Privacy Policy

The Privacy Policy explains what information we collect from you and how we use it, the conditions on which information will be shared and how your information will be secured. Our Privacy Policy can be found here.

Complaints process

If you need to make a complaint or wish to find more detailed information about the complaints process click here.

Appeals process

Appellants have 20 working days from the date we notified you of the decision you are appealing, in which to lodge an appeal against that decision. To make an appeal click here.

Key IMI policies

To view any of our policies, simply click on the appropriate document below to download a copy.

List of IMI Policies

Appeals Policy-pdf(559KB)

CPD Policy-pdf(169KB)

CPD Terms & Conditions(130KB)

Conflict of Interest Policy-pdf(286.02KB)

Data Breach Notification Policy-pdf(222.89KB)

Data Protection Policy-pdf(426.38KB)

Data Retention Policy-pdf(257.31KB)

End Point Assessment Cancellation Policy-pdf(260.91KB)

Equality & Diversity Policy-pdf(134.38KB)

Internal Moderation Policy-pdf(188.94KB)

IMI Acceptable Use Policy-pdf (872KB)

IMI Complaints Policy-pdf(238.88KB)

IMI Website Terms & Conditions-pdf (1.08MB)

Lost Portfolio Policy-pdf(132KB)

Malpractice & Maladministration Policy-pdf(422KB)

MOT/EV Competition Terms & Conditions-pdf(395KB)

Pricing & Invoicing Policy-pdf(199.16KB)

Re-sit and Re-take Policy-pdf(211KB)

Reasonable Adjustments & Special Consideration Policy-pdf(1.15MB)

Safeguarding Policy-pdf(185.95KB)

Sanctions Policy-pdf(200.34KB)

Whistleblowing Policy-pdf(154.71KB)

For further questions or support, please contact a member of our team.