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It’s been two years since the IMI launched its Diversity Task Force report, proposing actions that support real change to push the issue of diversity and inclusion to the top of the agenda for automotive businesses.

The Task Force was set up to boost the understanding of underrepresented groups and recognise the experience of not being part of the majority. After an incredible amount of work and input from a huge cross-section of the industry, the report outlined how working in the sector can be made more attractive to all individuals, especially those who are currently under-represented.

But rather than being the end of a journey, the release of the report was just the beginning, and there’s been a lot happening since 2022. Here’s how the progress has continued…

Resources for all

Many people want to increase the appeal of the automotive sector, but it can be difficult to know where to start. This is why the IMI created the EDI Resources Hub.

Built in collaboration with the IMI’s Diversity Task Force partners, the EDI Resources Hub is a one-stop shop for all things EDI-related within the automotive sector. It enables anyone in the industry to update their knowledge using a wide range of resources, tools and guidance to make positive changes in the workplace.

The hub offers a huge range of information covering each working group within the IMI Diversity Task Force. These include Physical and Non-Visible Disabilities, Race and Ethnicity, Gender, and Sexual Orientation.

Additional content is being added all the time to foster intersectional inclusion across the sector.

Access the IMI’s EDI Resources Hub now

There’s More to Motor

The IMI is urging members and the wider automotive community to share their voices to raise awareness of the potential of automotive as part of its There’s More to Motor campaign.

With the adoption of electric and autonomous technologies, it’s an incredibly exciting time to work in the industry. Yet there are many misconceptions about the sector, which have contributed to a shortfall in job opportunities and a record number of
vacancies, with 26,000 roles unfilled.

That’s where There’s More to Motor comes in. The campaign aims to:

  • Challenge the misconceptions of the automotive industry
  • Champion the industry and drive recruitment and change
  • Plug vacancies and skills gaps

But we can’t do it alone. We need you to support our campaign by sharing your voice to build an honest picture of the industry – your experiences, opinions and job vacancies. This will help shape the future of the sector and encourage others to add their voices to the movement.

Download the There’s More to Motor campaign toolkit and help change the industry

Get involved

It’s important that as many people as possible are part of the change. It doesn’t require large investments of time and money, and there are some simple steps you can take today to create an environment of belonging and inclusion:

  • Use inclusive non-binary language to avoid excluding people
  • Ensure everyone’s physical and mental wellbeing is catered for
  • Re-read policies and procedures with a new EDI lens
  • Educate, listen and be open to change
  • Help others by sharing your story

One way to show that you’re committed to making positive change in the sector is signing the IMI Diversity Task Force Equity Diversity Inclusion Pledge.

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