IMI VOCANTO partnership launches free taster module for new bite-sized learning tools, accessible anytime, anywhere

IMI In Partnership With VOCANTO

Mobile accessible interactive video and animation modules revolutionise automotive upskilling.

The pace of change in automotive is putting increasing pressure on the sector workforce, with time and cost limitations impacting on upskilling. Tackling this challenge, the IMI VOCANTO partnership has launched over 400 interactive learning units, covering Light and Electric Vehicle technology. Mobile-accessible at just £8 per module for IMI members (£12 for non-members), the new platform revolutionises learning, with each unit typically taking between just 5-15 minutes to complete and gamification being used to motivate learners. 

Giving automotive professionals the opportunity to experience the new platform before making a financial commitment, the IMI has launched a free taster module which can be accessed here.

As Steve Nash, CEO of the IMI explained, tapping into the latest learning tech and digital innovation has been crucial to deliver the new learning modules in a way that not only overcomes the limited time available for upskilling, but also builds in motivation to stay involved. “It has never been more challenging for those working in automotive to stay on top of new developments, whether at the start of their career or to enhance their skill-set for improved earning opportunities. But the time available for learning has become more pressured.

“Working with VOCANTO, we have created a platform that puts accessibility and ease of use at its heart.  Using the extensive IMI knowledge to build the content for the platform, we have been able to exploit the proven VOCANTO approach to the delivery of that knowledge. The result is learning units that are interactive, motivational and accessible anytime, anywhere. It’s a game-changer for the automotive sector.”

Capitalising on VOCANTO’s ground-breaking e-Learning platform, over 400 IMI VOCANTO modules have been developed for Electric Vehicle and Light Vehicle technology, comprising technically accurate animation and crisp videos. Each learning unit is designed to make complex topics less intimidating, with each bite-sized piece of training typically taking between 5 and 15 minutes to complete. Gamification is built into the system with medals and XP points awarded as units are completed. Mobile as well as PC, tablet and laptop accessible, each module can be found on the IMI website by searching for VOCANTO and filtering on courses.

“VOCANTO is already well established as a market-leading e-Learning tool in a number of sectors” added Steve Nash. “Integrating the IMI training content into this platform therefore makes huge sense and we are excited to be making this innovation available to anyone working in automotive.”

VOCANTO is a state-of-the-art cloud-based content and learning management system which is already proven across numerous industries and sectors. Standing for the effective and innovative learning and teaching of complex material, the VOCANTO e-Learning platform is clearly and intuitively structured, using 3D models to provide simple and easy-to-understand visualisations of examination topics in various professional training programmes.

To access a free taster module visit here.

Training Centres who would like to arrange a demo of the full platform should contact .