Types of Qualifications

Types of qualifications you can do with us.

The world of qualifications (and all the acronyms) can be a confusing one. Here is a list of the different types of vocational qualifications, including apprenticeships, you can achieve through IMI. For more information go to the qualifications area of the website.

Knowledge qualifications (College based)

  • Vocationally Related Qualifications
  • Provide essential knowledge to do a job
  • Suitable if you are in education or looking for a job

Competence Qualifications (Work based)

  • Vocational Competence Qualifications
  • Assessed in the workplace
  • Suitable if you are already in employment

Life Skills

  • Functional Skills (England only)
  • Essential Skills Wales (ESW)
  • Core Skills (Scotland)

Apprenticeships Frameworks

  • Level 2 and Level 3
  • Vocational, work-based programme
  • Include assessments and on-the-job training

Apprenticeship Standards

  • Level 2 and Level 3
  • On-the-job practical skills
  • Theoretical knowledge from off-the-job learning

End Point  Assessment

  • Tests the ability of an apprentice to carry out the job they have been training for
  • Carried out once an apprentice has completed all on-programme learning
  • Various assessments testing, knowledge, skills and behaviours.


  • Assessing and accrediting individuals for their competence to operate
  • Covers a range of professional activities and services
  • Demonstrates working at the industry’s high, expected standards
  • Valid for a period of time, not lifetime qualifications

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