What to expect

Becoming an IMI candidate

If you have been registered on an IMI qualification you will be known as a ‘candidate’ and given a candidate number. Remember to quote this when you contact us. You will also need your candidate number if you are completing an online assessment (please note, you cannot take the assessments in your home!).

What to expect from your school/college/training provider

Before starting an IMI qualification your college or training provider must tell you:

  • how you are registered
  • how you will be assessed
  • how you will get your certificate
  • how to contact IMI
  • what to do if you need to complain or appeal against an assessment decision

Your induction should also include:

  • details of the qualification(s)
  • health and safety
  • equal opportunities
  • the centre’s expectations of you

The next step is to sign up for your Free IMI Student Membership where you can access technical information, competitions, career support, latest news, events and discounts student.theimi.org.uk.   

We hope you enjoy your time with the IMI and are excited to start your career in this exciting and diverse industry!

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After I have completed my qualification or accreditation

Once you have successfully completed your qualification, we will issue you with your certification (after checking that your college or training provider has carried out all of the assessments correctly!)

Your certiicate will be delivered directly to your school, college or place of work - so, if you are waiting for it to arrive, always check there first.

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