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Helping the automotive sector widen its appeal to address the ever-growing skills gap

Diverse workforces are more effective, more creative and lead to greater profitability. Yet, currently, the UK automotive sector is not diverse, contributing to the critical skills crisis.

Doing what has always been done will not solve this. The sector must widen its appeal. It must find ways to attract people who may not have traditionally believed automotive offered the career potential for them. And it must create a work environment that is inclusive and supportive.


Diversity Task Force


Significant change is required

Achieving and sustaining a truly diverse workforce requires significant change, and that change needs to be informed by those with real life experiences.

The IMI Diversity Task Force was established in 2021 to understand the challenges and barriers under-represented groups face when working in, or trying to enter automotive. We are enormously grateful to the diverse group of members and non-members who have dedicated significant time and resource to supporting the Task Force’s goals.


Diversity Task Force


Task Force Objectives

  • Establish the size of the issue of the lack of diversity in the automotive sector.
  • Broaden the diversity discussion beyond simply a focus on gender.
  • Understand the barriers faced by individuals in certain groups in society.
  • Clearly demonstrate the economic benefits of a diverse workforce.
  • Understand young peoples’ perception of the automotive sector.
  • Draw up actions that will make a difference.

Task Force Resources

In January 2022 an Interim Report on the Task Force was published. The full report and recommendations will be published in March 2022.

View the Interim Report

Over the coming months the Task Force will publish case studies and insight as its discovery process continues. Please check this page for updates.

View the Press Release


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