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Small changes, big difference

There are some small and simple steps you can take today that can create an environment of belonging and inclusion. Small changes can make big differences.

  • Use inclusive nonbinary language to avoid excluding people.
  • Ensuring everyone’s physical and mental well-being is catered for.
  • Re-reading policies and procedures with a new EDI lens.
  • Education, listening and becoming open to change.
  • Help to educate others by sharing your story.

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Perception campaign_ vacancies in the automotive industry

The automotive industry has experienced a rapid change of pace due to the adoption of electrification and autonomous technologies. This change has opened new doors to new opportunities – making it one of the most exciting times to work in automotive.

At the same time, the industry is experiencing a shortfall in job applications. Our research suggests it could be down to negative perceptions, which are influencing career choices as early as primary school age.

With skill shortages and a lack of applicants, the potential negative perceptions are needing to be addressed. Our answer? A new campaign that shines a light on how the motor industry has evolved, and attracting a new generation of applicants with the necessary transferable skills.

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IMI Real Voices
01992 511521

National Careers Week Foundation

NCW Foundation

The National Careers Week Foundation has been set up to support disadvantaged young people with the chance to gain some hands-on work experience. We want them to experience what the automotive sector has to offer and what a brilliant career choice automotive can be.

We are looking for automotive employers across the UK to offer opportunities for work experience or taster days. To find out more and to register your interest, contact the IMI Diversity Task Force at or visit .

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The IMI Diversity Task Force
01992 511521

Automotive Diversity Network

Focused on driving diversity in the automotive sector, the Automotive Diversity Network provides the unique opportunity for Equity, Diversity and Inclusion (EDI) leaders and advocates to come together to network and share EDI practices and strategies.

Join us to share best practice and engage with the work of others in the automotive sector. To find out more and to register your interest, contact the IMI Diversity Task Force at

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IMI Diversity Task Force
01992 511521

Driving Pride Network partnership

Driving Pride Network

The IMI have partnered with the Driving Pride Network to help bring together friends and colleagues from across the automotive sector, promoting LGBTQ+ inclusivity and working to shift inclusion forward.

Find out more here

Want to know more?

IMI Diversity Task Force
01992 511521

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Helping to spread the word about how progressive an industry automotive really is, we've created a new initiative called 'There's More to Motor'.

The aim is to paint an honest picture of the automotive workplace, and we’re inviting members to share their experiences and any career vacancies. Wanting to generate momentum, Real Voices will look to educate our audience on the wide variety of roles, pathways into the industry and how skills can be transferrable.

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