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    Read our latest EDI insights report which focuses on the entire automotive sector

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    Read our latest insights report 'Top ten drivers for skills change in UK automotive in the next two years'

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    Our latest report ADAS Report Dec 2023 - Understanding the Knowledge Gap reveals that less than half (47%) of drivers realise ADAS calibration is an urgent job.

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Driving towards inclusion

Read the latest sector report on the most recent trends concerning inclusivity in the automotive sector. This report is crucial for the industry as it sheds light on critical insights and trends that demand our attention.

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Driving Auto Forwards

As the automotive industry evolves, identifying and addressing the key drivers shaping the future skills landscape is crucial. Discover the top ten drivers for skills change in UK automotive in the next two years.

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Lecturer Reservists

The need for Further Education Lecturer Reservists (FELR) within the technical industries, inspired by the framework and protections afforded to military reservists, arises from several factors that highlight the importance of attracting professionals from the industry to serve as lecturers.

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Meeting the Demand for Skilled Vehicle Technicians in the Age of ADAS

IMI analysis shows that there are currently 3,000 ADAS-certified technicians in the UK despite needing a total of 9,000 to service current vehicle parc. A figure that's due to rise to 106,000 by 2030.

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Examining the Triumphs, Trials and Roadblocks of the UK’s Electric Vehicle Aftermarket

Despite an increase in EV training in the last year, qualified technician availability is still inconsistent across the UK, presenting an underlying risk to the government’s decarbonisation plans.

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